Growing your business

is Our Business.

Growing your business

is Our

Better Tools

makes it easier for our Associates to get things done.


Don’t Settle for Less… We Bring our Agents the best CRM / Lead Nurture Program Available.

We understand the difference having the right tools can make to a Realtors Business.

And we provided at No Additional Cost.


A Complete Solution to Paperwork.

We provide a second set of eyes to help make sure we minimize possible errors. We’re all human.

Mobile friendly, dotloop is considered the best transaction management solutions in the industry.

And we provide it to our Agents at No Additional Cost.

Agent Sites

We’ve got you Covered.

We use our Agents’ Websites as the destination for our Social Media Ads.

Our goal as a brokerage is to help keep the ball rolling by advertising the opportunities our Agents; Just Listeds & Open Houses.

Sign Installs

Quality Matters. Clean Panels & Hang Arm Posts.

We take pride in the signage we place on our Listings, you deserve it.

We understand the value of getting things done. You shouldn’t worry about digging holes.

Supra’s Included

Safe & Secure.

Safety is a major concern for many of our Sellers and is extremely important to us as well.

We offer Supra Lockboxes to our Agents at no cost.

It’s our commitment to safe.

Lead Programs

Getting the Ball Rolling.

We stay on the fore front of Leagd Generation Programs for our Agents.

It’s a great supplement to when things get slow.

Let Us Help Grow Your Business.

Align yourself with a Real Estate Brokerage who’s primary focus is helping You.

We’d love to make your business our priority.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear it from those who make it all possible.

Sheri Carter

“I have been a licensed real estate agent for 2 years and have spent the majority of my career with Coldwell Banker Coast Realty in Port Orange, FL. I am honored to be a part of this organization. From day one I have experienced top notch professionalism, dedication to the industry, and over the top concern for my well being and success as a new agent in real estate… As a hands on, in the field sales agent with a jump right in type of personality, it was important for me to find the right fit.”

Mary Mauzy

“I have been in the Real Estate field for over 20 years, before joining Coldwell Banker Coast I worked for my family owned Real Estate company. I have to say that the next best thing to working with my family is working with Coldwell Banker Coast Realty. I’m proud of this company and I’m proud to work under this brand. I love that with both brokers Bob brings a little of the old school Real Estate while Rob brings the younger techno savvy knowledge to the table. Those two brokers give us the best of both worlds! Our team of professionals at the Titusville office is top notch!!!”

Stacy Kelly

“I have found my “forever home” at Coldwell Banker Coast Realty. The best group to work with and having spent a majority of my 2 year career I know they have really helped me grow as an agent. Any questions I need answered I can always rely on the fact it is the best advise and in record time. The agents that are working here are very helpful and make it a fun and stress free environment. I have no doubt I am here forever!”

Jamie Hinson

“I chose to work with Coldwell Banker Coast Realty after meeting with Rob Kellar. Upon meeting , he went into great length and detail, describing all of the benefits of working with Coast Realty. I was specifically drawn to Rob’s role as a non-competitive broker, driven to support and lead his team of agents. Rob is always looking for innovative ways to generate more clients and increase efficiency through technology. Coldwell Banker Coast Realty is a win in my book. “

Ron Ballou

“The reason I chose Coldwell Banker Coast Realty are many. I have been with the Coldwell Banker brand for more than 10 years… Coldwell Banker brand supplies you with great technology, Rob Kellar knows how to use it and help you build your business as an independent contractor, because when you grow your business it grows his… Rob supplies his Realtor’s with first class office’s in great locations to service our customers. It’s not about how many Realtor’s or Office’s Rob has, it’s about how happy his Realtor’s are and how successful they are! That’s what grow’s his business and yours. So if you want to build your business and be successful ! Come join us ! You will be glad you did.”

Jennifer Roth

“I chose Coldwell Banker Coast Realty after meeting with the broker Rob. He was very informative and personable. He explained all the benefits of Coldwell Banker Coast Realty such as monthly training meetings for agents , advanced technology, company provided marketing supplies and a higher commission split than I was previously receiving. I wanted to work for a broker that was approachable, knowledgeable, and eager to help me succeed and I found that Rob went out of his way to help!”

Christy Xynidis

“Finding a broker that offered a superior level of support to their agents as well as brand awareness was important to me. At Coldwell Banker Coast Reality, they strive to push their agents to the top with an assortment of tools to set us up for success. I have been a part of the Coldwell Banker Coast Reality family for two years now and I am grateful to the Keller’s for their innovative strategies and always listening to what their agents want and need. Joining Coldwell Banker Coast Reality was the best decision in my career. “

Debra Leady

“It has been such a pleasure to work with Rob Kellar, Broker at CB Coast Realty these past years. He is knowledgeable, helpful,

supportive and prompt to respond that it gives me the courage and confidence to complete my most challenging transactions.
His attention and dedication to our training has been essential to the success of our office and it’s quite obvious that he genuinely enjoys helping us all to be the best we can and learn how to serve our clients…”

Bob Petty

“Having the opportunity to work with Rob Kellar / Coldwell Banker Coast Realty was one of the best decisions in my career. Rob has the knowledge, energy and drive to assist us in being successful . No matter what day or time within reason . Rob is a broker with integrity and is about our clients and us . This equals success for everyone . Goals are met with Coldwell Banker Coast Realty through Integrity and everyone’s interests being first .”

Carol Charvet

“If you are looking for a great real estate company on the Space Coast, look no more! At Coldwell Banker Coast Realty at Titus Landing you will find a great group of dedicated and experienced Realtors who are skilled in marketing, negotiating, and are well connected to the community. Our team of Realtors benefit from a global presence with the power of Coldwell Banker behind them, but also possess the personal hometown knowledge of the area that will serve their clients’ needs well.”

Michael Davis

“I choose Rob and Bob Kellar and Coldwell Banker Coast Realty simply because I felt wanted and respected soon as I walked in the door. The move from my previous broker was the smartest move I’ve made in my career. Excellent support. Always thinking of how to help there agents. And always a smile and an answer to your question. I wish I had started with them 10 years ago. I’m so happy they wanted me to join the team. “

Carolina MontesDeOca

“A key component to a successful real estate career is to have the support and guidance from your broker. At Coldwell Banker Coast Realty not only do you get that from Rob Kellar but also the knowledge and encouragement from fellow agents. As a second year realtor, with so many questions, I can honestly say that I have always had the help and advice I needed at a timely manner. The office ambiance is positive and such a pleasure to be at with all the resources needed to be successful. Rob has an excellent on board training for new agents and explains all the tools Coldwell Banker has to offer. I interviewed with other offices and after meeting with Rob and getting to know the other agents, I knew Coldwell Banker Coast Realty is where I wanted to be. “

Christie Roth

“As a new agent in the first year, I wanted a Broker that would help me understand the details of Real Estate. I was searching for training, support and guidance. Coldwell Banker Coast Realty, Rob Keller, does all that. He provides the training and tools you need to become successful. Because of his support and guidance, I became a Million Dollar agent in my first year! Thank you Rob Keller, Coldwell Banker Coast Realty for all you do!

Marian Gomez

“I have found in Coldwell Banker Coast Realty, and more than anything the Kellars’, the support that I need to start my career. I interviewed with many different companies but since I met the Bob and Rob, I had no doubt I had found the right fit. After several months working with them, I know that I have made the right decision. They are really present when we all need them and I know they have my back.”

Amy Akins

“Coldwell Banker Coast Realty has been a wonderful brokerage to work with. They understand it can be tough starting out, and are here to support and encourage you. Bob and Rob Kellar are very approachable, and always willing to answer questions or give suggestions & ideas along the way. I feel I have found my Real Estate family here!”

Kathleen Parker

“Rob Kellar is an agent centric broker, he works hard to help his agents succeed. He listens to his agents and responds to requests. Above all he is fair and shows respect to all agents and provides recognition for results!

Cathy Rohrberger

“The Brand Recognition of Coldwell Banker and the experienced brokers at Coast Realty creates a comfortable work environment in a competitive market. Their dedication to quality of service compliments my attitude towards the consumer in the real estate industry.”

Alex Rodriguez

“This brokerage offers great tool, support and guidance. The broker is easy to talk to and supportive of your growth! I really enjoy the positive energy in the office. It’s an office worth visiting!”

Felicia Noble

“Rob Kellar has always been diligent and on top of his game. He works hard day and night to assure his agents recieve the individualized training that meets their personal needs. Finding a comfortable work space that was friendly and reliable was essential. Having national recognition through our brand was an nice additive when deciding where to start my career. I’m thrilled to be a part of such a dynamic team that has encouraged me countless times . I hope this true testimonial helps you when making such a big decision about where to excel your business. I am beyond grateful for the level of commitment this brokerage has shown me.”

Alice Desiongco

“I am happy to be a member of Coldwell Banker Coast Realty in Titusville. The office is spacious and modern and located in an up and coming mall. There’s always support for the agents whether from the office manager or either of the two brokers – Bob or Rob. Training is ongoing and achievements are appreciated and acknowledged. Great place to hang your license whether you have years of experience or are just starting out in real estate.”

Daisy Gonzalez-Colli

“”This being my 3rd professional career I was very particular of what brokerage I would affiliate myself with and who I chose to work with. Coldwell Banker Coast Realty, it’s Brokers and the professional team of Realtors and Property Managers who I work with on a daily basis have lived up to all that I was looking for. They offer unconditional support, share their experience, appreciate my contributions and are all around good natured people. This has helped me be the best I can be for my clients. If you are looking for a place to feel like you belong from day one, this is the place to be!””

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